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Vulture King

The Lappet-faced Vulture is the largest and most dominant of the African vultures and it is hard to think of a more imposing bird. I have often seen a single adult dislodge dozens of griffon vultures from a carcass, spreading … Continue reading

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Pole Dancer

“Snap!”  . . . .  “snap!”  . . . . “snap!”.  It sounded as though someone was breaking twigs somewhere close by as I walked along the trail back towards our cabin. I stopped still and waited in the light … Continue reading

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Mob Squad

Shafts of late afternoon light were illuminating the autumn foliage of the Tamboti and Bushwillow trees along the dry Timbavati River, as our guide Finn hauled the vehicle off the dusty track and into the deep sand. Grinding slowly along … Continue reading

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