Duncan Butchart

Danum Valley, Borneo, 2011

I have been a keen observer of birds for as long as I can remember, being particularly interested in their behaviour and ecological relationships.

My work in nature tourism and publishing has taken me to eleven African countries and I have written and produced a variety of publications and articles on the continent’s birds and other wildlife. Among the books that I have written, compiled or illustrated are: A Guide to the Coast and Nature Reserves of the Transkei (1989); The Vultures of Africa (1992) with Peter Mundy, John Ledger & Steven Piper;  Wild About Johannesburg (1994);  Wildlife of the Cape Peninsula (2001); The Ecological Journal and WildWatch Annual (1999-2006) for CC Africa (now &Beyond);  Wildlife of South Africa (2009); 60 Birds of Mbombela (2011); An Introductory Guide to Wildlife of Sabah, North Borneo (2012); Wildlife of the Okavango (2016) and Garden Birds of South Africa (2017).

I have visited Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and India in pursuit of birds in wild places. I spent my childhood in Little Chalfont, England, and now live in the coastal town of Hermanus in South Africa.

Norfolk, England, 2005

My company Nature Works specializes in the creation of customised site-specific wildlife guides and provides a range of other services including accurate website content. Visit  www.dbnatureworks.com for more details. My direct email is: duncan@dbnatureworks.com

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