Duncan Butchart

Danum Valley, Borneo, 2011

I have been a keen observer of birds for as long as I can remember, being particularly interested in their behaviour and ecological relationships.

My work in nature tourism and publishing has taken me to eleven African countries and I have written and produced a variety of publications and articles on the continent’s birds and other wildlife. Among the books that I have written, compiled or illustrated are: A Guide to the Coast and Nature Reserves of the Transkei (1989); The Vultures of Africa (1992) with Peter Mundy, John Ledger & Steven Piper;  Wild About Johannesburg (1994);  Wildlife of the Okavango Delta (1995); The Ecological Journal and WildWatch Annual (1999-2006) for CC Africa (now &Beyond);  African Safari Journal (2007) with Mark Nolting; Wildlife of South Africa (2009); 60 Birds of Mbombela (2011) and An Introductory Guide to Wildlife of Sabah, North Borneo (2012).

I have visited Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia in pursuit of birds in wild places. I spent my childhood in Little Chalfont, England, and now live in the subtropical town of Nelspruit in eastern South Africa, where my studio overlooks a nature reserve inhabited by turacos, twinspots and a host of other birds and small creatures.

Norfolk, England, 2005

My company Nature Works specializes in the creation of customised site-specific wildlife guides and provides a range of other services including accurate website content. Visit  www.dbnatureworks.com for more details. My direct email is: duncan@dbnatureworks.com


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