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Gecko Grab

We have a little deck leading off our open-plan work area, and this is a great place to sit and watch birds moving through the trees in our back garden. It also provides a good vantage point to look into … Continue reading

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Pitta Patter

We’d been in the rainforest since daybreak and were all completely soaked from head to toe. My wife Tracey and daughter Julia Lily (at the time 9 years old) had been the most valiant of birding companions, as we’d seen … Continue reading

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Bon Voyage

Having arrived in South Africa during November, the Woodland Kingfishers are now preparing to return to their non-breeding grounds in equatorial Africa. These demonstrative and dazzling birds spend the wet summer months here, feasting on the abundance of insects, lizards … Continue reading

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Silent Swimmer

I was observing dragonflies darting back and forth on the fringe of the Mlawula River when a male African Finfoot glided silently beneath the palm leaves overhanging the far bank. I froze in my crouched position and watched as this … Continue reading

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