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Vulture Watch

I’d been in the hide for about four and a half hours, staring out at the dead body of an Impala ram. Not everyone’s idea of a good time. The ‘hide’ was my  VW Combi, parked in the shade of … Continue reading

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Amani Ndegi

Dense early morning mist was swirling around the old buildings at Amani, as I emerged from my room at the Medical Research Institute. It had taken most of the previous day to get here from Arusha, the last stretch of … Continue reading

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Tightrope Walker

Rocking gently from side-to-side, the Bateleur cut a unique shape as it glided above the dry woodland. It peered down intently at the open savanna, paying particular attention to the sand tracks used by safari vehicles where prey or carrion … Continue reading

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Sapphire Fairy

It had been a surprisingly cold night, not far from freezing, and I was up early and out exploring the Banksia-dominated bush fringes of the Quaalup Homestead. A pair of Restless Flycatchers were hawking winged insects from a washing line, … Continue reading

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