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Blue Blur

While crossing a low level bridge over the Elands River, south of Machadadorp on the eastern Highveld of South Africa, my eye was caught by a dazzling blue blur that skimmed across the water surface. A kingfisher, no doubt about … Continue reading

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Big Drummer

The rain was finally easing up, after an extraordinary morning downpour. All around me the tropical foliage was glistening as droplets slipped and splashed their way to the forest floor. Our little battery-powered boat chugged down the Mennangul, a tributary … Continue reading

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Amber Assassin

A series of strange, mechanical noises coming from the tree canopy outside my window had me out of my seat and peering into the foliage. Two clear clapping notes followed by a hollow, drawn-out whistle. I scanned the branches of … Continue reading

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The Eight Hornbills of Borneo

On a recent trip to Borneo (Malaysian state of Sabah) I encountered all eight species of hornbill known to occur on this, the world’s third largest island. These magnificent, long-lived birds depend upon mature rainforest and the populations of almost … Continue reading

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