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Whistling Ducks

The White-faced Whistling-Duck is fairly common over all of sub-Saharan Africa, absent only from the dry Karoo-Kalahari and the wet Congo Basin. Curiously, it also occurs in South America (as does its close relative the Fulvous Whistling-Duck) and – along … Continue reading

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Feathered Clown

Walking quietly along the forest trail, my eyes are trained on the undergrowth. I’m hoping for that telltale sign of a pitta or a wren-babbler flicking leaves about in search of beetles or worms. Perhaps a flycatcher, or maybe a … Continue reading

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Green Twinspots

I pulled our bedroom curtains open and looked out onto the small lawn, surrounded by gnarled trees that have been here far longer than our house, and this suburb. An old Jacket Plum and two salmon-barked Lavender Trees arch above … Continue reading

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