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Lipstick or Blush?

It’s about 07h30 and Josie the Labrador is walking ahead of me on the narrow path. On both sides we are crowded in by tall grasses heavy with seed and sparkling with dew. A sprinkling of frost has settled in … Continue reading

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Patient Plunger

I was photographing dragonflies beneath the large Cottonwoods (Populus deltoides)¬†at the water’s edge, when a huge bird glanced over the tree tops, banked sharply to one side, then dropped suddenly to make an elegant landing on the far bank of … Continue reading

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Stepping Out

As a family, and all around the world, crakes are among the most reclusive of birds. Not only do they live out their lives in damp, tangled marshes and boggy swamps, but they are shy and skittish in the extreme. … Continue reading

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