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Scarlet Splendour

Spring in the South African Lowveld is rather different to that experienced in England and other temperate parts of the northern hemisphere. There, it is a sort of gentle awakening of dew-drenched mornings, pretty flowering bulbs and budding branches, all … Continue reading

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Great Blue

‘Koruuk, koruuk, koruuk, koruuk’ . . . the calls sounded out from the forest canopy. Seven or eight floppy-crested birds bowed and bobbed, raising first their heads then their tails while calling out this strange hollow rattle. They were enormous, … Continue reading

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Helmet Vanga

I’ve never been to Madagascar, but here is one good reason to go. What an amazing beast of a bird this is! I have just produced this illustration of a Helmet Vanga for a guide book that I am working … Continue reading

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Winter Owl

I’m on the N4 highway, moving at about 100 km per hour towards Johannesburg. Outside, the air is as sharp as glass and two colours dominate the landscape – honey-blonde grassland below a muted, cobalt sky. There are no clouds … Continue reading

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