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Mob Squad

Shafts of late afternoon light were illuminating the autumn foliage of the Tamboti and Bushwillow trees along the dry Timbavati River, as our guide Finn hauled the vehicle off the dusty track and into the deep sand. Grinding slowly along … Continue reading

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Whistling Ducks

The White-faced Whistling-Duck is fairly common over all of sub-Saharan Africa, absent only from the dry Karoo-Kalahari and the wet Congo Basin. Curiously, it also occurs in South America (as does its close relative the Fulvous Whistling-Duck) and – along … Continue reading

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Vulture Watch

I’d been in the hide for about four and a half hours, staring out at the dead body of an Impala ram. Not everyone’s idea of a good time. The ‘hide’ was my  VW Combi, parked in the shade of … Continue reading

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Bon Voyage

Having arrived in South Africa during November, the Woodland Kingfishers are now preparing to return to their non-breeding grounds in equatorial Africa. These demonstrative and dazzling birds spend the wet summer months here, feasting on the abundance of insects, lizards … Continue reading

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