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Heart Spotted

Thailand is home to 35 species of woodpecker (more than any other country apart from neighbouring Myanmar) and – incredibly – we had five of them in view, at one time, as we looked out at the forested slope from … Continue reading

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Habitual Pirate

The tropical downpour had eased off, as I made my way along a narrow forest trail leading up the hillside. Wet emerald and viridian foliage glistened as though it had just been varnished, while heavy rain drops splashed in slow-motion … Continue reading

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Big Drummer

The rain was finally easing up, after an extraordinary morning downpour. All around me the tropical foliage was glistening as droplets slipped and splashed their way to the forest floor. Our little battery-powered boat chugged down the Mennangul, a tributary … Continue reading

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