Nature Works

My core business is creating informative, accurate information and illustrated materials for lodge and safari operators, wildlife reserves, country hotels and estates. Bespoke booklets, charts and other publications with corporate branding. I am able to produce high-quality printed materials as well as web copy and imagery. You can see what I do here: Nature Works

Waterproof folding-guide to common reef fishes created for Desroches Island, Seychelles. Features 54 species on 12 panels; designed to be taken underwater when snorkeling.


2 Responses to Nature Works

  1. Jean faure says:

    Dear Duncan , I have looked up your blog , inspired by your article in Whale Talk on Birds in white.
    Very exciting life long commitment to birds and watercolour painting. I am a novice watercolourist
    and lives in Hermanus. I would love to meet you over a coffee and view your bird paintings,
    Kind regards, jean faure
    cell 0827898853

    • Duncan Butchart says:

      Hi Jean . . . thanks for your comments . . . I’ll be in touch about getting together . . . I am currently in a time squeeze due to work pressures but will try next week . . . all the best, Duncan

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