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Forever Young

Much has been written about why people watch birds. It all began with our ancestors, of course, all of whom were hunters –  and hunting (or at least shooting) remains the primary interest for many bird ‘watchers’ today. If you … Continue reading

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Pygmy takes Dwarf

Like all kingfishers, the African Pygmy lays its eggs in a hole rather than build a nest. For some kingfisher species this hole is a tree cavity, but for this little gem of a bird it is a burrow. Weeks … Continue reading

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Moon Moth Meal

The bird hide at Lake Panic in the Kruger National Park is a terrific spot that rarely fails to reward a patient birder with something of interest. In summer, the place could easily be called ‘Kingfisher Paradise’ because it is … Continue reading

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Bon Voyage

Having arrived in South Africa during November, the Woodland Kingfishers are now preparing to return to their non-breeding grounds in equatorial Africa. These demonstrative and dazzling birds spend the wet summer months here, feasting on the abundance of insects, lizards … Continue reading

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Blue Blur

While crossing a low level bridge over the Elands River, south of Machadadorp on the eastern Highveld of South Africa, my eye was caught by a dazzling blue blur that skimmed across the water surface. A kingfisher, no doubt about … Continue reading

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